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Content monetisation tools

Engage customers, Boost traffic, Sell more.

The best tools for Brands, Publishers and Marketers to build interactive, engaging content.

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Power to the people

Pixdor gives brands, publishers and marketers the tools to build interactive, engaging content. No coding required !

Ordinary Content

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Pixdor Content (touch me)

Hotel example features a video cover, interactive map, contact details and reservations button. 

Product Embeds

Turn pictures into interactive, engaging content your readers will love. 

Combine editorial and creative content with e-Commerce functionality and you have endless opportunities to monetise your digital marketing activities.   Engage with your followers in new, non-intrusive ways to explore and transact products and services.

Example 1 - ‘Buy Now’ functionality with video

Demo 2

Example 3 - Static image with video on rollover

Demo 1 Example 2

Example 2 - YouTube video on rollover

Demo 1 Example 1

Example 4 - static images with ‘buy now’ icons

Demo 3 Example 2

Promote the places you love

Showcase your favourite places to eat, sleep, shop, party and relax.

Google Places Lookup

If your POI exists on Google Maps you can import it into Pixdor.  We will import existing POI details such as location, opening hours, telephone numbers etc. Personalise your POI with your own pictures and description.

Carousel / Slide Show functionality

Sometimes one picture isn't enough - fortunately Pixdor Places support multiple images permitting you to arrange and choose how you wish to display your images in your design.

Booking/Reserve functionality

Linking your Pixdor Place to a hotel or restaurant reservations page is easy using our integrated reservations button. If you're using an Affiliate Code its a good place to insert it.


Video support

Using video in your content can be really effective when kept short and simple. 


Choose to keep your POI's private or share it within the Pixdor community to extend your reach. If your POI is monetised we'll share the affiliate income between you and whoever published it.

Design & Personalisation

Creating attractive designs takes seconds - pick a theme, personalise (optional) and embed it into your project. If you make a design you love, save it as a new theme & re-use it.

Interactive Maps

Link and display the Pixdor Places / POI's you created with our Map builder.

Dynamic Maps

Easily update your published maps without the need to re-embed, making our maps easy to manage and keep up to date.

Choice of Map Styles

Easily change the look & feel of your maps with a change of Map Style. 

Chose how to display your Map content

Choose how to display your Pixdor Places on your map, pop ups, side bar etc.

Build complex Layers

Keep your map simple or build multiple layers - its up to you.

** Coming soon **


Embed Builder

Simple & quick to use, we make complex features accessible to non-technical users.

Features include:

  • Select content from Instagram, your computer or via the Rational Pixels API

  • Define invisible ‘hot zones’ or display visible icons

  • Animated icons with personalisation features

  • Affiliate links manually or let Rational Pixels do it for you

  • Add your Pixdor content to any web page or mobile app

  • Centralised hosting - edit, update or change content on the go

  • Analytics tracking


“I love what Pixdor is doing and I think it's an AWESOME product for bloggers.”

Jet Set Christina


"The hotel industry is currently focused on influencers as a new marketing channel. by helping us engage them in a more organised manner, I think you’re on to something."

Senior Executive - Marriott Hotels & Resorts 


"We use Google AdWords to generate leads but it’s expensive and impersonal and customers are put-off by paid search results. We need a warmer and more engaging way of interacting with and enticing potential customers."

CEO at Safari365