Publish an App with Pixdor

Sync your content with Pixdor and you'll have the option to publish your content to a choice of Pixdor App themes.

Selecting a Pixdor App Theme for your content is similar to picking a WordPress theme - choose functionality & design, customise it and then roll it out ... 

Syncing content

The methods used to integrate your content with Pixdor vary widely ... we are working on building plugins for commonly used CMS's (like WordPress) but if you're interested in building a Pixdor App then please Contact us and we'll look at your options. 

Non-Linear Content

These days media content is often not consumed in the traditional, cover-to-cover, linear fashion we’ve come to accept. 

A new, non-linear mode of consuming media content is particularly evident amongst the millennial generation, who cherry-pick what they want to view or read and how they want to spend their time. 

Millennials don’t delineate between content and commerce. 

Millennials expect contextualisation and inspiration when shopping, and when consuming content they expect to be able to transact immediately, on demand, and buy whatever it is that they’re seeing.

Create offline content

Unlike web pages that need to be online all the time to work - Apps only need to be online when looking up information so its possible to design an App that has useful functionality offline (for example a Trekking guide) with offline editorial, maps etc.  Obviously for the best experience and for Pixdor Merchant Services to work properly your users will need to go online. 

Apps provide enhanced features

Native Apps provide the best user experience because they can access the mobile device features such as the camera or GPS. If your using Pixdor Maps for example you can activate the navigation feature within our maps.