Upon origination of my work now and hereafter commissioned by Collaborative.Press (hereafter jointly referred to as C.P.), exclusive use of such work and a licence to syndicate it as defined in the terms and conditions of business below is granted to Collaborative.Press. Copyright is retained by the Contributor.


An exclusive licence to use and reproduce and to permit others to use and reproduce the commissioned work(s) and to edit transpose and or translate the same for any purpose in any medium now or hereafter extant for the full terms of copyright and or any renewals thereof wheresoever. 
The Contributor undertakes not to supply any other person with any material created by the Contributor pursuant to a commission from Collaborative.Press, without first obtaining written consent from Collaborative.Press.  If any material supplied by the Contributor pursuant to a commission from Collaborative.Press is used for a cover in conjunction with one or more of the trademarks belonging to Collaborative.Press the Contributor agrees to assign full copyright in the said material to Collaborative.Press upon first public issue of the commissioned work.
Commissioned work(s) is available for third party syndication and licensing by Collaborative.Press.  In the event of a sale the Contributor will be informed and a fee will be paid.
The published work(s) may be used on the commissioning magazine website and in any digital editions of the magazine for no further payment. Collaborative.Press has the right to re-use commissioned material without further payment in the magazine for which it was commissioned and in any books and anthologies based upon the commissioning magazine. If any of the commissioned work appears in any Collaborative.Press affiliated or licensed title in the UK or worldwide the standard page rate of that magazine will be paid to you on publication.
The Contributor warrants that the material he/she supplies to Collaborative.Press pursuant to this Agreement will be of his/her own authorship, that it will be original and that it shall not be libellous, nor infringe copyright, nor infringe the moral right of any other person.

This agreement will be governed by English law and any action based on, or alleging a breach of, this agreement must be brought in the courts of England

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