Pixdor makes it easy for influencers & marketeers to combine their own multimedia & social media content to promote Places and Products in an engaging way for users. 


Design & Personalisation 

  • Google Font support - We offer a choice of over 800 beautifully designed fonts courtesy of Google Fonts.  Quickly and easily create multiple versions of the same Place Marker.

  • Personalise & Save Themes. Customisable options include theme, typography, colours and widget size.  

Places & Maps

  • Interactive POI's 

  • Interactive Maps 

  • Search with Google Places

  • Choice of Place & Map themes
  • Multiple Map Styles

  • Image Carousels/ Slide Shows

  • Build interactive illustrations (for example maps)


  • Content tracking


  • Content performance tracking

Pixdor Marketplace

Share & purchase stories, articles and content with the Pixdor community on Pixdor Marketplace.

Pixdor Marketplace permits customers to select, share and sell content you own.  Our syndication preferences permit you to automatically apply syndication Terms to each item you share and Pixdor Analytics provides download and usage data.

Want to buy some Pixdor content for your project?

Search, filter and view content from Pixdor customers available for purchase on Pixdor Marketplace. 



  • Promote, engage and transact
  • Personalisation / branding options
  • Integrated reservation functionality
  • Enquiry/Sign up forms
  • Search for products to link in your content
  • Product Directory
  • Add your own affiliate links or earn money with new links