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Place Markers

Pixdor Place Markers are a great way to map or promote a venue or location and adding them to Pixdor is quick, easy and fun.

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Bored of Google Maps ?  Build your own beautiful, interactive maps with Pixdor Mapping.

Choose from a choice of interactive themes.

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Product Widgets

Pixdor Product Widgets allows readers to interact with your content, providing them with instant access to further product information and transact without leaving the page.

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Pixdor Interactive Images

Pixdor Interactive Images permit you to monetise your content by linking products to items displayed in your image. See example opposite. 

Turn your still life pictures, social media feeds or fashion shoots into interactive content you can monetise.

Choose a single image or if you prefer to display your products individually, build a collage.

Select your 'hot' image

Upload your own photos or select UGC content from your own Social Media or via Pixdor Market Place.  

Monetise your image  

Draw hidden 'hot buttons' on your image and link them to products & services from Pixdor Merchant Services

Embed your widget

Add your widget to your blog, a web page or on facebook.  Our embed code supports oEmbed and good ol'fashioned HTML making it easy to embed.

Integrate content with e-commerce

Combine editorial and creative content with e-Commerce functionality and you have endless opportunities to monetise your digital marketing activities. 

The Pixdor Widget allows readers to interact with your content, providing them with instant access to further information related to the content, such as information about products, services and points of interest. 

Monetise Your Content

Add widgets to your blogs, newsletters, marketing campaigns and publications, and generate revenue at every point of the consumer journey.

Customisable widgets

A widget is a simple application designed to be easily installed and executed within a web page to create an engaging experience for end-users.

Creating a Pixdor widget is simple - pick a Place Marker, choose a theme, customise (optional) and embed it. 

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Encourage Advocacy

Native User Generated Content (UGC) - is the unequivocal brand ambassador. It demonstrates the strength of your brand - and now you can  integrate it directly into your content through the Pixdor platform.

Build in UGC from your loyal brand ambassadors:  sync and embed images & video from Social Media within your content.

Connect your own Social Media feeds

With  Pixdor you can view, select and choose which images/video you wish to embed within your content.

Search Social Media platforms simultaneously

Our UGC search feature permits you to simultaneously search for content across all social media feeds, select & download to use within your own content. 

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Pixdor Marketplace

Share & purchase stories, articles and content with the Pixdor community on Pixdor Marketplace.

Pixdor Marketplace permits customers to select, share and sell content you own.  Our syndication preferences permit you to automatically apply syndication Terms to each item you share and Pixdor Analytics provides download and usage data.

Want to buy some Pixdor content for your project?

Search, filter and view content from Pixdor customers available for purchase on Pixdor Marketplace.