Turn your still life pictures, social media feeds or fashion shoots into interactive content you can monetise.

Pixdor Interactive Images permit you to add multiple links within a single image or collage so you can turn photos into interactive content.

Easy and fun

Select an image.  Upload your own photos or select UGC content from your own Social Media or via Pixdor Market Place.  

Monetise your image.  Select products & services from Pixdor Merchant Services then link them to 'hot buttons' (invisible interactive areas) within your picture.  

Embed Embed your widget anywhere you like - within your blog, web page or facebook.  Our embed code supports oEmbed and good ol'fashioned HTML making it easy to embed.

Build interactive illustrations

Interactive Images can also be used to create an interactive illustration such as a city map - by linking 'hot buttons' to Pixdor Place Markers.

Embedding Pixdor Place Markers into an Interactive Image is a great way to make your illustrations more useful & engaging. 

Reservations & Bookings

Add a Booking ID to your venue and readers will have the option to make table reservations or book a hotel room from within your widgets.