We've added all your places to Pixdor and just shown a selection of them below. We currently have a choice of 7 themes to choose from with infinite possibilities to personalise their size, typography and colour.  

We've used your Playfair Display font but i've also tried a couple of others to see what works. 

Reserve button

We now have the option to display a 'reserve' button on our embeds so that you can hide a reservations link.  Alternatively you can simply display an email icon and this will launch an email on the followers device. 

Same POI below using a different theme.  Notice that this theme uses an reserve icon instead.

Another example of two very different themes using the same POI.

Maps & Themes

We only have a handful of map themes currently but i'll be extending these over the next few months.  In the map example below i chose a POI theme and applied it to the map so you can remain consistent with your branding. 

Note too that i stuck all your POI's on the same map using the same marker icon. You can also choose to display the markers using different colours/icons however you wish (by category for example).

Click on a map marker to open/close the side 'widget'.  We can display a map title and POI categories but i've hidden these in the example below.

Maps can be made any dimension.