Built-in UGC integration tools

Native User Generated Content (UGC) - is the unequivocal brand ambassador, we love it so much we've integrated it into the Pixdor platform.

Link your own Social Media feeds

Connect your own Social Media accounts and Pixdor will permit you to view, select and choose which images/video you wish to embed within your content.

Search Social Media Simultaneously

Our UGC search feature permits you to simultaneously search for content across all social media feeds, curate items and download for use within your own content. 

Link UGC content to Products & Services

Link UGC pictures to Pixdor Merchant Services and give the Reader a more interactive experience.

Pixdor Merchant Services

Build a library of great products & services ready for you to embed.  Alternatively add/Sync your own products and just use Pixdor Widgets to promote them within your content.