Embed your content with Pixdor Widgets

Pixdor Widgets are a portal through which readers can interact with content stored on Pixdor. 

Pixdor Widgets permit readers to interact with products, services and points of interest within your content.  This also provides them with instant access to further information related to the content.

Easy to embed

Pixdor Widgets use the oEmbed syntax which is widely supported and in use by Facebook, WordPress, Squarespace etc.  

In the event you wish to use a widget in a website not supported by oEmbed we also provide an HTML friendly alternative.  

Embed And Forget 

Wish to change your design or edit an entry ? most changes can be made without having to re-embed.


Our widget design tool offers customisable options including theme, typography, colours and widget size.  

Google Font support 

We offer a choice of over 800 beautifully designed fonts courtesy of Google Fonts.  Quickly and easily create multiple versions of the same Place Marker.