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Pixdor provides an easy-to-use platform for publishers and brands to create interactive content that they can monetise without compromising editorial integrity. Rational Pixels are focused on advertising through the use of interactive video content, which is enhanced dynamically using programmatic advertising features in real time.

The partnership between Pixdor and Rational Pixels is predicated on the deployment of Pixdor’s solution to easily and quickly create Embeds that include images with contextually associated video and other interactive content. The associated content is intelligently categorised and served by Rational Pixels over the images using contextual data about them. In summary, Rational Pixels provides the infrastructure for image analysis and categorisation in order to select relevant video ads corresponding to the actual image content, as well as subsections of the image that might correspond to different categories (e.g. fashion, electronics, automobiles), while Pixdor provides the infrastructure to develop and manage the delivery of the video and other associated content over the client’s own image inventory. 

Travel, restaurants and venues

Promote hotels, restaurants, shops and bars.

Place Markers are a great way to map or promote a venue or location and adding them is quick, easy and fun.

Choice of Themes

Reservations & bookings

Choice of reservation methods (link or email).

Video support


Pinterest support

Interactive Maps

Link and display the Pixdor Places / POI's you created with our Map builder.


Product Embeds

Turn your pictures into interactive, engaging content your readers will love. 

Combine editorial and creative content with e-Commerce functionality and you have endless opportunities to monetise your digital marketing activities.   Engage with your followers in new, non-intrusive ways to explore and transact products and services.

Example 1 - Static image combining ‘Buy Now’ functionality with video

Demo 2

Example 2 - Static image with YouTube video on rollover

Demo 1 Example 1

Example 3 - Static image with video on rollover

Demo 1 Example 2

Example 4 - static image with ‘buy now’ icons

Demo 3 Example 1

Example 5 - dual images with buy now icons

Demo 3 Example 2

Example 6 - static image with rollover detail

Demo 4

Clear your head

Premium tote bag

This is our Clear Your Head premium tote bag - the upgraded deluxe version of our classic tote.

Throw all your stuff in and take with you everywhere, you'll be surprised by how much it can hold.

Made from heavyweight nail-head canvas and reinforced stiching, this tote is insanenly durable and will haul some heavy shit.

Available in Royal Blue

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